Thursday, August 23, 2012

How about no helmet?

I just got back from a trip down South which gave me an opportunity to observe biking culture in that part of the country. Despite the horrendous heat in places like Texas I saw a few bikers out there, some hitting it hard, others just out for a ride, and one or two using the bike for transportation. I was a bike jealous seeing people out since I did not bring a bike along. I particularly enjoyed seeing this guy who was riding on a steamy day in Louisiana.

I liked the combination of safety green shirt and bright orange hat but no helmet. Not sure that a helmet would help much at 60 MPH but I usually opt for the brain bucket. By the way, that is sugar cane growing in the background so you can tell I didn't fake this picture here in MN.

A friend recommended this curious video about a helmet-less bike helmet. You can see a video here. They claim this is just as safe as a helmet and the concept is pretty innovative, even it if looks wacky in operation.

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